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viroxx E150++

viroxx E150++

SKU: 10800


With targeted, reliable disinfection and air treatment by VIROXXE150++ you reduce pollutants, inhibit pollen, eliminate annoying odors and thus ensure a noticeably better room climate. 

Dangerous viruses (Ebola, SARS, swine flu..), germs (MRSA, 3MRGN, 4MRGN) and many other pathogens in the air are demonstrably and sustainably inactivated and reduced. 

The innovative viroxx technology convinces with its unique combination of photo-chemical disinfection and bipolar ionization - today its effect is more important than ever before.


  • Inactivation of viruses, germs and pathogens
  • Mobile usable
  • Low energy consumption
  • Certified effectiveness
  • Combination of air ionization and UV light for disinfection.
  • Living rooms, offices and meeting rooms
  • doctor's offices and waiting rooms
  • Wellness areas, fitness studios
  • lounges, bars and clubs
  • senior residences
  • Hotels, foyers
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