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Committed to fresh air

At abbeo, everything revolves around hygiene and freshness, mainly the air, through air ionization, a process modeled on nature, but also the other "elements" such as water, soil and materials - to which the textiles and plastics belong.

Our approach is always customer-oriented. We value, understand and serve the needs of every client who chooses to work with us. It is important to us to work in a practice-oriented manner and to focus specifically on the areas of application and segments and only then to present the technical aspects and corresponding products, which ultimately guarantee the effect of hygiene. Please explore our website and learn about  our commitment to the all-important issue of hygiene, freshness and protection.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

The abbeo effect -

Thunderstorm for our rooms


We allow ourselves to copy this property of nature and to develop it in such a way that the pure and fresh air produced during a thunderstorm is also available in our rooms at home, in the office, public spaces or even in industrial plants. In addition, our abbeo bioclimatic devices contain so-called ionization tubes, which enrich the oxygen with ions and are thus able to remove impurities and pollutants from the air with the same efficiency as nature itself. The thunderstorm for the home, so to speak.

Schema für Funktion Luftionisierung
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air ionization -

The cleansing thunderstorm

Who does not know the unbelievably fresh and invigorating air immediately after a thunderstorm that has an invigorating effect on us. This is the concept of nature's self-purification. The thunderstorm generates ions through electrical charging, which energize the oxygen and cause odours, bacteria, viruses and other germs to be deactivated and removed from the air. This happens every day around the world and is one of the reasons why the atmosphere remains intact and breathable. 

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