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the abbeo elements

Hygiene is an integral part of our everyday life. We have become very aware of this, especially during the last few years, hygiene has become our constant companion and we have learned that washing hands and disinfecting them as well as surfaces such as door handles is essential in the prevention of infections caused by pathogenic, disease-causing germs and germs, while various Measures should protect us from airborne transmission. Hygiene is of the utmost importance in all areas of our lives and especially in the work environment.  Hospitals, nursing homes, food processing companies, highly sensitive research institutions, just to name a few. The air we breathe, the water we drink and wash, and the textiles and plastics that provide ideal conditions for germ growth - all these areas require appropriate protection to ensure the defined quality and an exponential growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts to prevent as much as possible. 

Here abbeo-elements offers concept solutions, for the field of air hygiene with the tried and tested bioclimatic ionization devices, for the field of water with precise analyzes and inexpensive and cost-saving devices for checking the water hardness.  Der The materials area covers textiles of all kinds (clothing, technical and outdoor textiles) as well as plastics and polymers from which an endless number of end articles are made (toothbrushes, PET bottles, work surfaces, kitchen utensils....) and which are all hygiene-sensitive. A large number of internationally registered active ingredients are used for materials, which are permanently incorporated in the manufacturing process of the item and prevent the growth of germs. This not only ensures hygiene, but also protects the item against degenerative processes, which significantly extends its service life. 

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