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AIR CLEANER Q combines universal air purification and air disinfection functions. The slimline design blends easily and unobtrusively into almost any ceiling situation. Optimal in offices, practice rooms, waiting rooms and sales rooms. The inactivation of germs such as viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungal spores 

ensures a sustainable reduction of pollutants and odors in the room air. It not only achieves healthy, low-germ air conditions, but also very quickly becomes visible as a calculable economic factor:
The results of good indoor air as an important part of safe working conditions are reflected in improved performance, fewer illnesses and fewer signs of fatigue.

Get fresh and virus-free air in your everyday work!
Nothing is as precious as healthy air and your employees, customers and guests.


the fixed hygiene room guard

aircleaner Q
fixed installed hygiene for rooms


air cleaner V
Hygienic freshness for mobility

The presence of people in the interior of buses, trams, metros, caravans or ambulances increases the requirements for room hygiene. This ceiling unit has been proven to combat unpleasant odors and the risk of infection from pollutants in closed rooms. Anyone who cares about the health of themselves and those around them is well advised to do so.


hygiene for public transportation

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