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With textiles, we primarily associate clothing and fashion, something that interests and appeals to all of us. But textiles are also central to our homes: sofas, curtains, carpets, bed linen and mattress fabrics, to name just a few. They beautify our home and offer a cozy ambience in which we feel comfortable. But textiles also serve as a basic structure - as a fabric - for coatings, which leads to technical textiles, which have to withstand high demands in terms of environmental pollution and are usually equipped with additional functions such as fluorocarbons for water and dirt repellency.


The world of textiles is not only colorful but also incredibly diverse. But they all have one thing in common - they offer germs, especially bacteria and fungi, ideal growth and living conditions. The consequences of this growth are unpleasant odors (e.g. a sweaty shirt after training that is quickly colonized by bacteria), discoloration (discoloration due to the destruction of the dye) and degenerative degradation, which also manifests itself in the reduction in tensile strength - the fabric tears faster, gets faster cracks and holes.

The abbeo hygiene and material protection equipment counteracts all of this permanently and reliably.

Textile segmentation

hygiene protection

In the following segments of clothing, freshness and odor prevention are clearly the order of the day. Since this is caused by bacterial growth - a sweaty jogging shirt, socks after a long day at work - it is necessary to protect the textile against bacteria. The abbeo hygiene protection equipment offers exactly that. A bacteria-free textile that does not develop any odors and can be worn longer if necessary, which means less washing, detergent and energy consumption and is therefore good for the environment. 

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material protection

Hygiene and preventing bacterial growth are also important in these segments. However, additional functions are also necessary.

For example, allergen-free textiles for pillows, bed linen and sofas are very important for allergy sufferers, which abbeo can offer with efficient protection against mites and fungi. 

Textiles that are used outdoors require the highest level of material protection that is possible. For example, tent fabrics, sleeping bags, jackets and backpacks must be protected not only with regard to hygiene but also against mold or even algae infestation. In the field of technical textiles and geotextiles, this can even mean protection against rotting if the structure is buried in the ground and must not degenerate in order to support the subsoil. 

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abbeo offers concept solutions which are developed with you and your producers and protection goals are defined. We would be happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the international textile industry. 

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