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element water

Water hygiene is of key importance. Germs in the water can seriously endanger our health and must not be present when we drink the water. Although we have very good drinking water quality available in large areas of Europe, in some cases we can even drink from most public fountains, but from a global perspective this is more of an exception than a standard. 

The freshness of water is also an emotion: when do we perceive water as fresh? Surveys show that the most frequently mentioned points for this are clean, clear and cool water. How the water feels on the skin is also of central importance, soft water is perceived as more pleasant and fresher than hard water. 

Here, too, abbeo offers solutions to improve and maintain the water quality. Water analyzes and their interpretation, systems to reduce the water hardness in everyday life and thus to increase the freshness of the water..  However, soft water also means lower operating and maintenance costs: if the boiler in the house is less calcified, the water pipes remain free of hardening agents and can also be washed with softer water, this saves maintenance costs and the amount of detergent and water softener additive can also be reduced.

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