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polymers / plastics

Plastics have become an integral part of our everyday life. Toothbrushes, household appliance casings, bags, shoes, toys, vehicle interiors... the list is endless. Plastics are also colonized by germs and, due to their composition, usually offer an attractive habitat, especially for bacteria. Many plastics are used as work mats in hygienically sensitive areas, such as in the food processing industry, but there are also mostly plastic cutting mats in our kitchens. Plastics are also often used in hospitals and laboratories and therefore pose a potential risk of contamination or infection. It is also a well-known effect that plastics and foams age faster and dry out, becoming brittle due to the colonization of germs. the plasticizer, which is so important in plastic, is destroyed and the lifespan of the end article is significantly reduced.

The abbeo hygiene and material protection equipment counteracts all of this permanently and reliably.

Classification of plastics

Plastics are differentiated on the one hand based on their chemical structure (polymers) but also on the basis of their physical properties, in particular with regard to thermal deformability.

Einteilung Kunststoffe

hygiene protection

Even if plastic appears clean and hygienic due to its structure and appearance, it still offers a good habitat for many germs - especially in the area of kitchen and bathroom articles. Depending on the nature of the surface to additives such as plasticizers, the level of germs varies but is always present. 

Diabetes Selbstmanagement-Programm

material protection

Plastic objects used in hygiene-sensitive areas require more than just hygiene protection. 
Garden furniture that is constantly exposed to the weather and moisture, plastic parts of refrigerators, storage boxes for food, pool cover sheets: they are all subject to natural, biological processes of decay and degeneration and can - especially when they come into contact with food - pass on the germs and accelerate the process.  


abbeo offers concept solutions that prevent these problems and keep the plastic items hygienic and functional throughout the entire useful life of the item. Together with you and your producers, our specialists will define the protection goals and find a tailor-made solution for how our hygiene protection function can be integrated into the production chain of your product. 

We would be happy to advise you with our many years of experience!

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