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Production and processing of hygiene-sensitive goods:

Food production, manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, beer brewery..

Even on a larger scale, such as in a production hall, hygiene is often the all-important element with regard to the quality of the goods manufactured. In all areas of food processing - from vegetables to baked goods to meat - contamination by germs must be strictly prevented. But even when brewing beer, the wrong germs can impede the process or impair the quality, and only an absolutely germ-free working environment is acceptable in the manufacture of medicines. While product hygiene is important, employee health and well-being is just as important. In the working environment with abbeo air ionization, bacteria, fungi and viruses are almost completely broken down and thus offer a better climate in the workplace for health, which also leads to fewer absences due to illness, as can be demonstrated below. 

Now it is of course the case that our devices are no longer sufficient to ensure room air hygiene in offices or training rooms, but devices and systems that have to be adapted to industrial dimensions such as a production hall are used. Abbeo's experts and partners will be happy to advise you on the selection of the appropriate devices, their assembly and later maintenance of the installation and will make you an appropriate offer.

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In order to be able to effectively ensure the large volume of air and its quality in terms of purity in a large production facility , the existing ventilation systems need to be supplemented with our aerotec or aerotron elements. These are integrated into the monoblock or, depending on the circumstances, later into the ventilation duct and can also be combined and controlled with the existing ventilation technology.  Depending on requirements, the elements then vary in size and number of ionization tubes to achieve the hygiene goal. abbeo offers full support here. Our technicians will advise you on site and - together with you - create the most sensible and effective concept for individualized air ionization.

aerotec units with control units that can be integrated into existing ventilation systems.


aeorotron devices with control units that are often used in cold rooms or storage rooms for hygiene-sensitive products


1 high-security laboratory at the Philipps University of Marburg (Institute for Virology)
1 Hagbom, M.etall Ionizing air affects influenza virus infectivity and prevents airborne transmission. Sci.Rep.5,11431;doi:10.1038/srep11431
2John Jukes et al. The Impact of Improved Air Quality on Productivity and Health in the Workplace; Workplace Environment Science & Technology Research Association


■ Reduction of the risk of infection from SARS CoV2 
    by up to 97%
1 !
■ Reduction of illness-related absences of  Employees 
    by up to 35%
2 !
■ Increased concentration and receptivity of
■ For optimum storage and hygiene conditions!

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