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my home is my castle!

My home is my castle, where we feel comfortable,  can be ourselves and also have a sense of security and protection. In this oasis of well-being, the climate is of decisive importance, not only the living climate, which often refers to the furnishing style, but also to the air we breathe - or rather its composition. 

Especially in our living areas we  are exposed to harmful substances and allergens, which we breathe in over a long period of time and which arise during normal living behavior: when cooking, odors arise which spread over large areas and are unpleasant or even harmful to us be able. There are VOCs in the upholstery fabrics of sofas and chairs, in curtains and also in carpets and allergens are formed, which are contained in the dust and can remain in the air for a long time. 

The abbeo-bioclimatic air hygiene devices help to effectively maintain the air quality in our home and to permanently eliminate germs, bacteria, allergens and viruses. Depending on the size of the room and the desired effect, there are several options, as explained below. But also from the area  abbeo elements materials   there are interesting possibilities which, in addition to the air, aim to protect the objects themselves from colonization by bacteria, fungi and allergens protection. Integrated in the manufacturing process of the corresponding textiles or plastic surfaces, these active ingredients reliably protect against germs over the entire service life of the end article. 

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The devices of the AirDeco line are made to be integrated into a beautiful home. In addition to their reliable and effective functionality against all germs, you have an attractive design that complements your beautiful living environment.
The choice of the appropriate AirDeco device depends somewhat on your performance needs and the size of the room. 


aeromat devices are also ideal for use in private living areas. Especially in a large living room with high ceilings, offices or large hobby rooms, rooms with an open kitchen, the devices deliver healthy and low-germ breathing air that contributes to your safety and well-being at home. 


With the Viroxx kwl+   a device is available which can be easily and low-maintenance integrated into the existing ventilation of your house and thus protects all rooms in the whole house safely and reliably against germs and odors. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on site and make you a tailor-made offer.

Allergene in Wohnung

Allergen pollution, such as house dust mites, is a constant issue in our homes. In particular, people with allergies or asthmatic health problems can have serious health problems if the allergen levels are too high.  Removing the allergens from the air or using abbeo-materials solutions to prevent them from developing in the first place , is a noticeable added value, which has nothing to do with luxury but with responsible living planning. 

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